In line with our vision of supporting growth in Indonesia's interior surface market, we bring to you the latest technology from Italy - vinyl flooring. Gone are the days where homeowners are forced to choose between aesthetic and utility - our vinyl floor tiles combine the authentic look and texture of hardwood flooring with the water-resistant nature of ceramic tiles. With nine distinctive looks from three different lines, the possibilities are endless. Decorate your home just the way you have always wanted to.

Derived from the Latin word ferrum, our Ferro line draws inspiration from the natural process of rusting. A staple for any housing going for the vintage look, the distressed hardwood look of Copper Ferro adds that extra crispness to your home. Feeling slightly bolder? The Bronzea Ferro adds tin colour into the equation, achieving a slightly darker look that is equal parts classic and daring. Alternatively, the Corten Ferro is always there for the adventurous soul in you. Influenced by the stable rust-like appearance of COR-TEN steel, it is as avant-garde as it gets. With its unique colourway, the Corten Ferro will be sure to rejuvenate your home.

In line with our mission of revolutionizing the concept of "space", our Noce line strives to emulate the appearance of a lush and elegant forest, right inside your home. Just as how rays of sunlight shine on even the darkest of forests, the Noce Chiaro invigorates your home with its bright colours. For a more refined look, opt for the Noce Scuro instead, whose darker tone makes it a sound option in instilling a sense of calmness and peace. The Noce Nera stays true to its name - Nera means "black" in Italian - with a colourway reminiscent of the forest floors. With an even darker tone than the Noce Scuro, it provides the time-worn look of aged hardwood while still maintaining enough versatility to match with a contemporary setting.

Pino - meaning "pine" in Italian - was designed with a rustic feel in mind. With its warm and homely colours, coupled with a distinctive graining, our Pino line elicits notions of seaside parks and gentle breeze. With an ivory-like colour, the Pino Avorio easily brightens up any room, emanating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The Pino Crema on the other hand, with its custard-like colour, provides a perfect balance of refined and cosy, allowing it to feel homely yet elegant at the same time. As its name suggests - Grigio means "grey" in Italian -, the Pino Grigio's greyness radiates a monochromatic vibe that is as classy as it is comfortable. Its grey colour also means that it is versatile, and will not look out of place in any setting. An excellent pick for those who value comfort above all.